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Trotsky and the Military Conspiracy by Grover Furr, Vladimir L Bobrov, and Sven-Eric Holmström



Trotsky and the Military Conspiracy: Soviet and Non-Soviet Evidence; with the Complete Transcript of the “Tukhachevsky Affair” Trial
by Grover Furr, Vladimir L Bobrov, and Sven-Eric Holmström

The principal document presented here is the complete translation of the transcript of the trial of the defendants in the “Tukhachevsky Affair” – Marshal of the Soviet Union Mikhail N. Tukhachevsky and his seven co-defendants, all top-ranking Red Army officers. It provides yet more convincing primary-source evidence that the military conspiracy collaborated with Nazi Germany in coordination with Leon Trotsky and his supporters. Properly understood, this document book overturns the mainstream history of the Soviet Union, of World War II, and in important respects, the mainstream history of the world, in the twentieth century. The other chapters contain confirmatory evidence, with careful and appropriate analysis. They are important because dishonest historians will claim that Tukhachevsky et al. were not guilty; rather that they were “framed.” They will further claim that Leon Trotsky, who is deeply implicated in the Military Conspiracy, was also “framed.” These claims are demonstrably false. This book presents the evidence.

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