Essential Texts

Essential Texts of Marxism-Leninism



This volume features five of the most important and influential works of the international Marxist movement:

Manifesto of the Communist Party
Karl Marx & Frederick Engels (1848)
The ultimate guide to the principles and practices of communism, The Communist Manifesto is one of the most widely read works in human history.The State and Revolution

V.I. Lenin (1917)
First published on the eve of the Russian Revolution of 1917, The State and Revolution is undoubtedly one of Lenin’s most significant contributions to the Marxist canon, expounding significantly upon Marx’s theories regarding the State and the role of the working class in the revolutionary movement.On Practice and On Contradiction

Mao Zedong (1937)
Written at a critical time in China’s struggle against Japanese imperialism, the works On Contradiction and On Practice apply the fundamental tenets of dialectical materialism to the struggle of China’s peasants and working class. These texts are two of the most concise and at the same time most highly developed texts on Marxism-Leninism.Foundations of Leninism

J.V. Stalin (1924)
Generally regarded as the most historically significant of Stalin’s writings, Foundations of Leninism formed the ideological basis for the Soviet Union in the epoch following Lenin’s death. This work is among the clearest and most accessible expositions of the ABCs of Leninism available in print.

The selections in this volume were obtained from the library of texts at Marxists Internet Archive. Some texts were edited to correct minor typographical errors and aesthetic concerns. With these exceptions, the texts were not revised with respect to the original source documents.

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