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Classics in Activity Theory
(three volumes)
Availability:  Now available
Price:  $20.00 USD per volume
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Published by
Marxists Internet Archive Publications
Proceeds benefit Marxists Internet Archive

Classics in Activity Theory

Purchased as a set, volumes from the Classics in Activity Theory Series are specially priced at USD $20 per book (plus shipping).  

Volumes include:
  • Awakening to Life by Alexander Meshcheryakov
  • The Development of Mind by A. N. Leont'ev
  • The Ideal in Human Activity by E. V. Ilyenkov
This set covers the main lines of developments of Activity Theory after the death of Vygotsky in 1934. AN Leontyev was a colleague of Vygotsky who dealt with unresolved problems in extending Vygotsky's theory a wider domain and is the starting point of all Activity Theory today. Development of Mind includes all the English translations of his work.  In Awakening to Life, Meshcheryakov applies the ideas of Luria and Vygotsky in the education of deaf-blind children, and his work has profound philosophical significance. The Ideal in Human Activity includes all the English translations of Ilyenkov's philosophical work. Ilyenkov's reputation extends way beyond Activity Theory and Marxism, and he is regarded as an authoritative interpreter of Marx and his predecessors in German Philosophy. Together, the set of Classics in Activity Theory provides a foundation in an important current of Marxist and Psychological thought.

Purchase all three volumes as a set for the special price of $60 plus shipping.

Together with these Soviet era classics we offer Hegel’s Logic, with a Foreword by Andy Blunden, which introduces Hegel from the point of view of a contemporary Activity Theorist, together with the most influential of Hegel’s texts.

Purchase the Classics in Activity Theory books with Hegel's Logic for only $80 (plus shipping).

Proceeds from sales of these items benefit Marxists Internet Archive.

Buy these books!

Classics volumes
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Classics volumes
and Hegel's Logic
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