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  • UPDATED! BIGGER THAN EVER! The most complete freestanding collection ever released by MIA!
  • 1 TB USB 3.0 hard drive, with the the entire Marxists Internet Archive installed and ready to use.
  • Thousands of files featuring text documents, PDFs, art work, videos and audio files
  • The drive can be used "as is" or as a portable file storage device for any purpose.
  • Available for purchase only to the following countries [Due to unreliable postal service and cost of the HDs]
  • All proceeds benefit Marxists Internet Archive.

BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE: In addition the over 201 GB of files from the MIA, we've included on this 500 GB HD over 230 GB of high resolution files from our collaborator, the Riazanov Library Project (RLP). The RLP has been a very close partner with the English language section of the MIA in the digitization of many of the early early publications of the US socialist and revolutionary movement, including, but not limted to, the Daily Worker, The Toiler, Fourth International, The Militant and many other American left journals. While the MIA has used these scans for online viewing, the RLP files are almost all high resolution versions of these same publications, suitable for printing and archival preservation.

Proceeds for all sales of these items benefit Marxists Internet Archive. To order directly from MIA, visit this link.

Buy the MIA on a 1 TB HD!

$85.80 with shipping
($80 + $5.80 shipping)

$96.00 with shipping
($80 + $16 shipping)

Note: Shipping prices vary depending on your location, so please review payment options carefully. Books are shipped via the United States Postal Service at the lowest rate available.

Please contact us if you prefer to pay via check or money order.

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