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Yezhov Vs. Stalin by Grover Furr



Yezhov Vs. Stalin:
The Truth About Mass Repressions
and the So-Called ‘Great Terror’ in the USSR

by Grover Furr

Yezhov Vs. Stalin is the first accurate account of the so-called “Great Terror” in the Soviet Union in 1937-1938. In this book, Grover Furr answers the central questions concerning the mass repressions known as the “Ezhovshchina” or, by anticommunists, the “Great Terror”:

* What caused it?
* Did hundreds of thousands of innocent victims meet their deaths?
* Was Joseph Stalin responsible for these murders, as is universally claimed?
* If — as the evidence demands that we conclude — Stalin was innocent and in fact put a stop to this massive crime, why were Ezhov and his men able to go on killing many innocent people for more than a year?
The present study answers these questions.
Grover Furr has studied all the available evidence, most of it from formerly-secret Soviet archives. He offers original translations of key historical documents and detailed analysis of their significance in an important synthesis that effectively reconsiders one of the pivotal events of Soviet history.

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